"Adopt" A College Student

    08.10.20 | by Stephen Haverstick

    We are re-starting this program for our current college students! College is an exciting and formative season of life with many adventures and experiences. It is also an incredibly stressful and unsettling time—especially during a pandemic! Though our college students at FUMC Hershey are scattered throughout the country and are not usually here on Sunday mornings during the school year, they are still a valuable part of our church—and they need to know that. Especially now when our world is in a constant state of change, students are craving stability and familiarity. The love, encouragement, and support of their home-church family can meet that need during this vital stage of life! This program is an opportunity for you as a member of our church to commit to ministering to them in those ways. We would like to have families and individuals "adopt" each of our students. Adopting one of these students comes with no official requirements and you have the freedom to do what you want with your “adoption.” We do encourage that you write letters, send care packages, give an occasional call, invite them to dinner (when safe) during school breaks, and consistently pray for them.

    When you sign-up to “adopt” one of these students, you’re committing to 1 year of connecting with your student. You will then receive further contact information on the student so you can begin communicating with them. You’ll also receive some additional tips and ideas for connection.

    Click here or scroll to the bottom of this page to sign-up. 

    We hope you’ll consider taking advantage of this opportunity to invest in these students’ lives and our church—it’s Kingdom work! Contact Stephen Haverstick with questions. 

    Lyndsey Auten

    Sophia Boyle

    Austin Carpenter 

    Zach Conner

    Kevin Crowther

    Ethan Fox

    Logan Ginder

    Christian Gingrich

    Peter Gingrich


    Sarah Gingrich

    Maico Gonzalez

    Natalie Holsinger

    Sydney Hover

    Madi Miduri

    Rachel Notestine


    Esther Oloyede

    Annika Richards

    Echo Rogers


    Jenna Thomas

    Adopt a College Student

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    If a student's name does not show, they have already been "adopted."