What We Believe

Worship at First UMC Hershey

Each week we seek to enter God's presence, hear from God's Word and worship him in spirit and in truth. We hope that you'll make worshiping with us part of your Sunday!


We believe God intends for the world and our lives to be transformed by His love and grace through His Son, Jesus Christ. At First Church this is our highest priority, allowing the Kingdom of God to break into the lives of people here and now as we fulfill the Great Commission to make new disciples of Jesus (Matt. 28) and equip those in the Church for the task of ministry (Ephesians 4:12). This vision is the driving force behind all we do at First Church as we strive to teach, preach, serve ,engage and equip individuals to go out into the world and live as Christ's disciples.


At First Church we believe in the historical tenets of the Christian faith. This means that we emphasize the goodness, grace and love of God, the fallenness of humanity and humanity's need for a savior. We talk about Jesus a lot at First Church, and we believe that salvation is only found in the grace that God has offered through him. We believe the Church is the community of believers who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior, and church is the place where we gather to learn how to live in God's will and God's way, to grow in God's grace and are equipped to reach out to a hurting and broken world.

Our United Methodist Connection

Our Church is a United Methodist Congregation. This means we are part of a world-wide connection of United Methodists that consists of more than 42,000 individual congregations, 122 regional conferences and more than 12 million members.

We value our United Methodist heritage and bring it to bear on the present in meaningful, relevant and exciting ways. As Methodists we have historically been known for our emphasis on a personal faith, lived out in concrete ways in the world. We value applicable and life-changing preaching, reverent and engaging worship and small groups where people are equipped to grow in their relationship with God.